How To Start a Blog Your 2019 Within 15 Minutes [Easy Guide]

Start Your Blog Guide: So basically nowadays you all aware about the engineer’s situation right? everyone wants to earn money from any of sources. whether you want to work for your self and earn money or you wanna leave a job and earn money by doing blogging work at home then blogging makes it possible 😉

There are thousands of people and workers from all over the world who want to leave their jobs and works and start a new carrier in blogging and make a full-time income from you can do it by reading this article these things are possible for everyone.

So from the first maybe you wanna start a blog but you don’t know from where to start right? Obviously Yes 😛 that’s why you are reading this article haha :v

So here we will guide you how to create your own blog through 5 different parts 🙂 we have listed that all five parts below check it out 😉

5 Steps To Create Your Own Blog
  1. Ask Yourself: Find Your Passion & Do You Like Blogging?
  2. Niche Selection & Ideas
  3. Choose Domain Name & Hosting
  4. Setup WordPress To Make Your Blog Live
  5. Customize Your WordPress Blog To Improve Readability

Step:1 > Find Your Passion & Do You Like Blogging?

Follow Your Passion Banner (Create a Blog)

So the first of all let me clear some of the things in the blogging journey before you start. You won’t make money from your blog if you are looking at only money from blogging. The main reason is for that is maybe you might not have a passion for blogging you are looking for money only.

If you don’t have passion about blogging and if you don’t like the struggle of being a blogger or if you can’t work at late night & you don’t want to face any failure then you can’t able to be a blogger or you can’t start blogging journey. that’s the truth behind every successful blogger. 🙂

Now ask yourself that whether or not you like blogging or not? if your answer is yes then you might go ahead to our article and read our next step otherwise find some other works which are suitable for you. for example, you can work on freelancing platform and earn money with freelancing platform.

Do you like to write on some topic? 

if your answer is yes then think on the topic on which you can write a lot of articles. And start writing on that now its too easy to launch your own website within 15 minutes 😀 that may be some obstacles in the process. If you are seriously interested to start your carrier in blogging you need to follow your passion 🙂 good luck & read another step now.

Step:2> Niche Selection & Ideas

So this is the most important part because you already knew that Content is King 😉 Build a blog that explains about everything on your niche.

Just choose one niche or category to write articles for your blog because when you are writing an article on different niches then it becomes very difficult to promote your blog and build your audience for your blog. Simply choose one topic that you are excited about writing on that topic.

if you are not enthusiastic about your topic or niche then you can’t give your blog give an opportunity to become successful.

so you must focus on niche & topic selection because if you will work on the wrong niche then you will fail and you will have to come back to this same position and start all the process again and again so it will be choose your niche wisely.

3: Choose Domain Name & Hosting

How to Purchase Domain & Hosting
How to Purchase Domain & Hosting

So most of the people are wasting their time to search the best domain name or best name for their blogs, believe me, it doesn’t really matter at this point 😉

So just start a blog with normal domain names which can remember after the visit of your doesn’t need to give more and more time to find a perfect domain name.

There are many blogs which were started with random domain names which can’t able to remember but nowadays that blog is getting views in millions and they have millions of readers every month.

one example is Eric Barker Started his blog Barking Up The Wrong Tree on now it became very popular.

So at last once again Name of your blog doesn’t matter just focus on your content. Your creative content will build an audience for your blog and your blog will become brand 😉

If you can’t find a good domain name for your blog so here I had posted some of the tips below consider that tips while finding a domain name for your blog.

  1. Easy to Type & Remember: find a domain name that will be easy while typing by the visitor and find the domain name which can remember after visiting your website or blog.
  2. Avoid Numbers & Hyphens: try to avoid all the numbers while finding your domain name I knew there are many brands available which is using a domain name which has numbers but doesn’t use numbers & any hyphens.
  3. Make it Short: try to find short domain names as much as you can because short domains can be remembered easily and that create your brand visibility higher.

Still, are you getting issues to find a domain name? :/

Leave all thing and just start a blog with your own name 😉

Find the Best Suitable Web Hosting:


So if you don’t know about the web hosting then first of all read about the web hosting from google. web hosting is a location where you can store files of your website.

So everyone knows there are thousands of web hosting sites are available in the market rather than giving you a list of thousand websites I will just recommend you to go with HostingSpell.

They are giving the best uptime with best support and lowest price in the market. and this is best for beginner.if you are new in this field then I’m pretty sure you will love it. just because of their service and its easy to use & setup.

So now in this step, I will guide you how to purchase a domain name from GoDaddy and how to purchase hosting from hostingspell, You can go with any other websites as well.

All the steps will be similar but we highly recommend you to purchase HostingSpell only, Because they are the best in terms of best hosting and best support as well as in prices.

How to Purchase Domain Name From Godaddy?

So here in this step, I’ll guide you how to purchase a domain name from GoDaddy.If you are new to GoDaddy then you just need to create an account on GoDaddy first.


Step:1> Browse above GoDaddy domains button and open GoDaddy’s website 

And search for the domain which you want to purchase, I’ve searched for

Godaddy Domain Purchase
How To Buy Domain From Godaddy 2019

Make sure the domain which you are looking for is available to buy else you can’t able to buy it 😅

Step:2> if the domain is available to buy then click on the Add To Cart button. after that click on Continue to Cart Button

it will ask for some option ignore that options and click on continue with these options in the footer and check out your domain name.

Godaddy Checkout Options
How to Buy Domain From Godaddy

Step:3> Now click on the Create Account button if you don’t have GoDaddy account else click on sign in and fill your login details

If you don’t have GoDaddy account just click on create an account and fill your details like name and number and address, email address, username and password after that sign in to GoDaddy.

Step4:> Now Click on Complete Payment and pay money by your favorite payment method. and complete order from GoDaddy 

You will receive a confirmation E-mail from GoDaddy just check that email. so congratulations you just purchased your own domain name now 😉 now make it brand 🙂

Now we will purchase the best hosting from HostingSpell.

How to Buy Web Hosting From HostingSpell?

So as above I mentioned that if you wanna purchase any other web hosting then the all steps will be the same. but again I’ll recommend you to use this web hosting because of its uptime and their support is just awesome 😉

before you purchase the hosting check this uptime of HostingSpell Web Hosting

HostingSpell Uptime
HostingSpell Uptime

Now we will see all of the details and steps how we can purchase web hosting from HostingSpell so let’s get started 😉


Step1:> First of all click on the above button HOSTINGSPELL HOSTING and browse the different plans listed below.

Web Hosting Prices
Web Hosting Prices

So here we will recommend you to choose HS_STARTER #3 PLAN because its best for beginner and now click on BUY NOW Button.

Step2:> Now Enter your domain name which you purchased from Godaddy. I just Added Screenshot below check that for better info. 

After that click on Use Button as you can see in the screenshot listed below.

HostingSpell Review
HostingSpell Review 2019

Step:3> Now You will get the checkout options where you can select the plan duration select as one year and Click on the Checkout Button.

HostingSpell Checkout
HostingSpell Checkout

Step:4> Now Fill Your Details Like Name, Address, Email, Mobile Number, and select your favorite payment gateway and pay money from there.

HostingSpell Details Fill
HostingSpell Details Fill

Step:5> So Hurray!! You just purchased Web Hosting From HostingSpell. Congratulations For Purchasing Domain Name & Web Hosting. Now start your own brand 😀

now move on another step WordPress Setup which is very important to live our website on hosting server and anyone can view our website by opening our domain name 🙂

4: Setup WordPress To Make Your Blog Live

Wordpress Installation Guide 2019
WordPress Installation Guide 2019

Step:1> Now let’s see the tutorial on how to set up a blog on WordPress so, first of all, change your domain name’ll get domain name server in your email so change it. after that just log in to your Hosting spell account or any other web hosting account.

Step:2> After that navigate the cpanel login there and log in to your Cpanel account from your hosting panel. Now find softaculous script installer in cpanel.

Softaculous Script Installer

Step:3> Now Click on that softaculous apps installer script from cpanel, you will get an option to choose different CMS platforms just choose WordPress from all of them.

Wordpress Installation Guide
WordPress Installation Guide

Step:4> Just Click on WordPress option so you will get an option to choose the domain name and your blog name with tagline options just fill that options.

Wordpress Installation Guide
WordPress Installation Guide

Step:5> Now below you will get the form to fill user id and password so this option will create a new admin account for your WordPress blog with the use of this admin account you can do changes on your WordPress blog.

Wordpress Installation Guide 2019
WordPress Installation Guide 2019

Step:6> Now choose the default theme and click on install button so it will take around 2-5 minutes to install WordPress on your blog.

Wordpress Installation Guide 2019
WordPress Installation Guide 2019

Hurray!! Now WordPress is installed on your Blog 😀 😀

Now Try to login into the WordPress dashboard of your just remember the login url of your blog.

so replace with your domain name and open this into your web browser so you will see the options to fill user id and password

Wp Login

Fill your user ID & password which you choose during the installation of WordPress and click on login button so it will open the dashboard of your website. 😀

5. Customize Your WordPress Blog To Improve Readability

WordPress Customization 2019

Now you have your own WordPress website and we need to change that default theme first. If you wanna use that default that theme you can use that no worry about that but default theme is not optimized for blogging.

That’s why I’ll suggest you, change the default theme to any other premium themes. You need to install that theme which can grab the attention of your readers and attract your readers to your content.

So there are thousands of free WordPress themes available on market but I’ll recommend the HappyThemes Because I’m using HappyThemes for all my websites. and it’s very easy to use and customized and it’s very optimized compared to other WordPress themes.

Maybe you will never get any customization options in free WordPress themes but in the happy themes, you can change any of design of your blog as you want.

if you wanna purchase happythemes just click on above HappyThemes Purchase option and you’ll be redirected to the happythemes website and find your favorite theme and purchase. 😉

Still, you wanna use free WordPress theme for your blog, here is a quick guide that helps you to find free WordPress themes and install that on your blog. 🙂

login to your WordPress dashboard and locate appearance option in left side menus. and now click on themes option shown in the screenshot below.

Wordpress Customization Guide 2019
WordPress Customization Guide 2019

After that click on Add New button and browse the different themes from WordPress. find a theme and click on install button and after that click on the activate button so the theme will be installed on your blog 😉

Now visit your website so you will get the theme was changed 😀



last add the all required pages of any website such as About, Contact, Privacy Policy, Disclaimer, Terms & Condition etc.

And Start publishing articles on daily basis. Write daily new articles on your niche. So here is the quick guide on how to create a blog and how to purchase a domain name and web hosting.

I hope you loved it so if you wanna more guides on blogging just subscribe to our newsletter from below so you’ll get notified when we publish any new guide.

Now you have to further i.e working on blog articles and settings or marketing stuff. Thanks for giving your valuable time with our blog. Good Luck! & Happy Blogging 🙂

How to Start a Blog within 15 Minutes
  • Niche Selection & Ideas Guide
  • Purchase Domain & Hosting Guide
  • WordPress Installation Guide
  • WordPress Theme Customization Guide


So here we had given a guide on many things such as how to start a blog, how to purchase a domain name and web hosting, how to install WordPress and how to customize it.